Vendor Finance Progress Report #1

Vendor Finance
4 min readNov 11, 2022

Since the launch of the Vendor Finance BETA on September 1st , which has been a huge success, so much has happened! First off, we would like to thank everyone who helped make this happen and to the fantastic community whose organic use and feedback has helped improve the user experience along with providing us with insight on how the protocol is used and performs!

New Hires πŸ§‘β€πŸ’Ό/πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’Ό:

We are happy to welcome two new team members to Vendor Finance!

DeFi Ellie β€” Lead UI/UX Designer

Max Coins β€” Business Development & Strategy

Note on Expired Pools ⏰:

We had our first successful batch of expiring pools, including defaults and interest collections! Everything went smoothly and as expected!

As a reminder, if you are a lender and your pool has expired, please be sure to collect your capital, interest and any defaults!

Supported Tokens βœ…:

The following tokens have been added which can be used as both collateral and lend tokens:

  • cmUMAMI
  • DPX
  • MIM
  • Spell
  • FRAX
  • CRV
  • GMX

We are working on adding many more supported tokens, also recommendations by the community are being considered. Please feel free to recommend any tokens in our Discord (link found below).

UI/UX Updates πŸ–₯️:

Much has been done to improve the user interface and user experience. Many suggestions were made by the community! Thanks to @lorem and @DefiEllie for all their continued hard work in making these updates.

  • Faster load time on the website/data with Improved Graph
  • Working on RPC call optimizations
  • Working on Mobile responsiveness
  • Working on Dark Mode

Filters were added to make viewing pools easier. You now filter for specific tokens and also by available liquidity.

Added rollover and private pools icons to eligible pools. This indicates your current position can be rolled over to a longer expiry pool.

TVL counter was added which takes into account available amount to be borrowed and total value of collateral deposited.

# of lent tokens was added under the Create Pool tab which helps clarify how much tokens would be lent out at when setting the β€œLend Ratio”, as shown below.

Use and Growth πŸ“ˆ:

We have been seeing more and more organic use of the protocol by both lenders and borrowers, along with an increased following and user base on all socials. Per DeBanks Vendor Finance info page, we have had at least 100 unique users. Our TVL has ballooned to ATH as of writing this article!


A breakdown of assets in Vendor can be seen on DeFiLlama as well!

Our best performing tokens seem to be more illiquid ones/lower market cap tokens.

An example of our stats for cmUMAMI, which we are so pleased to share in the below chart!

Partnerships 🀝:

We are in talks with various protocols for collaboration and integrations! We plan to continue to reach out to more and more! In the next coming weeks we hope to share some more updates on this!

Integrations ⛓️:

We have integrated with various tracking/data/info websites!

Marketing πŸ”Š:

We are working on marketing with Arbitrum through their playbook. Also we have been seeing more threads and posts about us, organically. We recently did a podcast with @Blocmates as well which you can check out here if you have not already

Some organic threads and tweets below!

Thats all for now! We look forward to the next update! You can read more about how the protocol will work in our documentation which you can find here: Docs. Please feel free to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord for any question and to receive more updates in the near future!

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